In an interview with Collider, Driver detailed what excited him about “65,” explaining that it is a unique story and “a big blend of a lot of different things.” He elaborated, “It was dinosaurs and laser guns and spaceships crashing, and it didn’t seem somewhat rare to get asked to do that, but that also is kind of ancillary to it being a movie that is really kind of a father-daughter movie.”

Driver was drawn toward the script’s big-scale family movie-style action — and how it didn’t let its “spectacle” get in the way of two characters, allowing grief to be the thread that held them together. The actor enjoyed how the characters worked together and became each other’s found family, which felt unique to him.

“The idea that it was about two people from a completely different backgrounds facing this obvious threat that no one had a precedent for, and through that become found family based on this common thing of grief. And him denying it because everything that he sees in her reminds him of his own daughter, and he’s denying that feeling as much as possible until they can’t anymore. It seems like a unique thing to do in a big-scale movie like this.”