Let’s circle back to the financials of this new venture. It’s no secret that the pandemic was very, very hard on the movie business, particularly theaters. For what it’s worth, AMC had some financial issues they needed to sort out before all of its theaters were forced to close for the better part of a year, leading into a very slow recovery period at the box office. Things have improved, but it’s still not great. The company’s stock has tumbled from radical highs in the summer of 2021 approaching $60 per share to just over $6 per share as of this writing. (Much of that boom was driven by the so-called “meme-stock” trade, much like what happened with GameStop.)

The other very important thing to note is that AMC is saddled with around $5 billion in debt as of late 2022. That debt load is a massive burden, and, coupled with the decline in its stock price, has created a rough situation for the largest theater chain in North America. Meanwhile, Regal’s owner, Cineworld, is in the middle of ugly bankruptcy proceedings, leaving the second-largest theater chain in the U.S. on uncertain ground. That’s where the popcorn comes in.

AMC Perfectly Popcorn’s microwavable varieties are expected to retail for $4.98, plus tax, for a six-pack, while the ready-to-eat popcorn will be available in a 4.2 – 5.2 oz bag, and will retail for $3.98, plus tax. So, how much revenue could that actually generate? If things go well, it turns out the answer is quite a bit. And, if it goes really well, yes, this could actually be a way to chip away at that mountain of debt.