A lot of characters in “Attack on Titan” are stoic. It makes sense since they’re in the military, but between that, their uniform designs, and their high casualty rates, it can be difficult to care about one soldier over the other. But not with Hange. They provide a break from stoicism; their personality is so big that it can’t escape your notice. While Hange wears the same uniform as the other characters, their goggles (and later eyepatch) are some of the most distinctive fashion features any of the leads have.

Hange’s go-to reaction to any sort of excitement is an overreaction, usually with screaming or jumping in the air. They’re quite a motormouth too, and often when they’re belting a sentence, the intensity of their voice (and Park/Calvello’s performances) ratchets up the more they talk. Often Hange is so hammy they come off as oblivious. Between this and their sense of humor, they often steal a scene just by being there.

This is also why their friendship with Levi is such a smart pairing. Levi is the most sullen character in an entire cast of sad sacks, and he’s often annoyed by Hange’s antics. However, Hange never takes his insults to heart, and as the series goes on, they only get better at working together.

Part of that is because, beneath their goofy demeanor, Hange can be quite ruthless, at least to their enemies. During season 3, Hange and Levi partner to torture captured military police officers for information. However, Hange is only compassionate towards their comrades. In the side OVA, “Ilse’s Notebook: Memoirs of a Scout Regiment Member,” Hange discovers the journal of a long-dead Scout, Ilse Lagnar, outside the wall. They return Ilse’s cape and the journal to their parents.