The universe has a cruel sense of humor. After spending years playing a popular character for a filmmaker that he was obviously passionate about supporting, taking all sorts of slings and arrows along the way, Ben Affleck finally achieved a satisfying sense of accomplishment … in what will likely be his very last appearance as Bruce Wayne.

While his above quote about the “five minutes” he shows up in the upcoming “The Flash” may seem disappointing, it’s kind of a minor miracle that he’ll remain involved at all after speaking out about the miserable process of working on the “Justice League” theatrical cut. It’s no secret that pretty much none of the main cast had a pleasant experience under controversial director Joss Whedon, who took over production after Zack Snyder bowed out in the aftermath of a family tragedy. Affleck’s looking at the glass half full, however. While it doesn’t seem like he’ll be stepping foot on set to direct any movie for new DC Studios co-head James Gunn, he seems to be at peace with his minor supporting role in “The Flash.”

But don’t take that as a shot at his work on Snyder’s films, however. Affleck goes out of his way to tell THR that he has nothing but fond memories of the first time he put on the cape and cowl: “And by the way, I like a lot of the stuff we did, especially the first one [‘Batman v Superman’].” If this is truly the last we’ll see of Affleck in the role, well, at least the star seems fully at peace with it. The rest of us can always mourn the lost potential and missed opportunities of Affleck’s run as Batman.

“The Flash” will sprint into theaters on June 16, 2023.