Bruce Campbell told Danielle Ryan that he feels the original “Army of Darkness” ending written by Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi was more suitable for his buffoonish and pompous character:

“Well, I always respect the filmmaker’s choice because while it may not be the most popular, I think it was very appropriate. Ash is a big enough idiot to forget the amount of drops he was supposed to take. […] It makes perfect sense for the character Ash, and it also sets up a sequel to that, which would be sort of a ‘Spartacus,’ ‘Ash versus the robots’ kind of deal. Could be a really, really cool survival, Charlton Heston, end of the world-type movie. […] But then when we tested it, because studios always have to put forth endings that are happier, so it was deemed sort of a bummer ending, so they wanted an ending that was happier. It’s okay. It’s serviceable, but it’s kind of silly. This ending is much more logical, actually.”

Ash’s clownery is his Achilles heel, made even worse by his paradoxically cocksure attitude. For Campbell, Ash is more of a court jester than a king. Since “Army of Darkness” elevates his more negative qualities, the darker ending is fitting and serves as poetic justice for his self-absorbed behavior. If the alternate final scene was kept in “Army of Darkness,” it may have changed the trajectory of the “Ash vs Evil Dead” series, which features a similar apocalyptic conclusion in the final episode. Worst of all, the scene’s ultimate removal robbed us of an off-the-wall, doomsday version of an “Evil Dead” movie, where Ash would have had to confront his biggest disaster yet. Now that would’ve been groovy.