Here’s What Rebel Wilson Had To Say About Her First Week As A New Mom


Rebel Wilson survived her first week as a new mom — and she’s totally crushing it.

Now, she’s giving an update about what her first few days as a mom have been like…and it involves a lot of assembly!

In an Instagram story, Rebel gave a play-by-play as she put together both a car seat and a bassinet.

“One week of motherhood is done. It’s been a total life change,” Rebel shared, joking that she wasn’t looking her “most glamorous.”

“I’ve been learning how to change diapers, how to feed the baby, and I’m just so lucky I have amazing help in my amazing partner Ramona,” Rebel continued.

She added that she was also lucky enough to have the help of a baby nanny, who was recommended by her friend James Corden.

As for Royce, Rebel says the little girl is doing great and has made things pretty easy for her.

“She’s a little tiny thing, but she’s doing so amazing and is healthy and awesome and such a chill baby, actually,” Rebel said.

With one week down, Rebel says it’s been really “cool” getting to know her baby girl.

Sounds like a pretty successful first week of motherhood for Rebel!

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