How great would it be to live in a world where you can peek outside your window and watch Superman out and about, flying, looking for his next great mission? For a young child back in the day, Christopher Reeve delivered a real surprise and had him convinced he was watching Superman when the actor was filming his scenes.

In “Still Me,” Reeve’s 1999 autobiography, which illustrates the actor’s experience as the big screen Superman, the star was reminded of a day he was filming the 1978 film, the first of his superhero film franchise. The actor was rehearsing for a scene in New York City’s Brooklyn Heights where Superman rescues a little girl’s cat from a tree. The sequence required Reeve to rehearse all afternoon: the crane holding him took him past seventh-story windows of an apartment building, where a lucky child got to watch.

At multiple times during the day, Reeve was greeted by the young boy looking outside his window. For the actor, it was a complicated day of filming. For the child, it was a regular day in Metropolis.

Read the story from Reeve in his own words:

“My flight path took me past the seventh-story windows of an apartment building. I was wearing street clothes and the flying harness with my hair done Superman style as I flew over and over again past the same windows. At around five o’clock a kid of about seven pulled up the window in his room and called out, ‘Hey, Superman, how ya doing?'”