Critics recently started weighing in on “Cocaine Bear” on social media, offering up their first reactions to the movie. Overall, they have been wildly positive, more than perhaps anyone could have expected. /Film’s own Rafael Motamayor saw the film and called it the best movie of the year so far:

“#CocaineBear is the best movie of the year so far. It’s thrilling when it works as a slasher movie but with a bear, but it is also a hilariously absurd comedy like only Lord & Miller can do. The cast is incredible.”

Meanwhile, Fangoria Editor in Chief Phil Nobile Jr. tweeted that there is much more going on in the film than viewers may realize.

“There is a whole weird world that #CocaineBear is set in that isn’t even hinted at in the trailer. Entirely too much s*** going on beyond the bear, which in hindsight kinda makes perfect sense. A crazed tableau. I’m happy a character calls the bear ‘Cocaine Bear’ in the film.”

Jack Kennedy of Big Time Movies also touted the theatrical experience that comes along with it saying, “It is my favorite movie of the year. The funniest I have seen in like, 2 years and such a blast. Very [Phil] Lord & [Chris] Miller. If the theater experience is anything like my screening, you will have an amazing time in the theaters with this.” 

Similarly, Seen on the Big Screen’s Chris Aguilar said, “#CocaineBear is the best comedy of 2023 so far, full tilt gory zaniness counter programming we left behind in the 90’s come back to life. Kinda wastes its cast but Margo Martindale MVP. The ambulance set piece is an all timer for horror hounds!”