If you’re looking for clips that truly capture the feel of the regular show, these study break mini-episodes are the best. The first one’s shown above, and you can find the second study break episode here, and the third one here.

The best moments of regular “Community,” regardless of the quality of the episode as a whole, are those scenes where all seven members of the study group are in the room with each other. None of them have a plot, exactly; they’re just 2 minutes or so in the lives of the study group, where all the characters simply get to exist and bounce off each other. These are fun, low-stakes videos that focus on perhaps the show’s biggest strengths: the chemistry of the cast, and the sheer sharpness of the dialogue.

The mini-episodes are also just a fun callback to the season 1 dynamics: There’s still all that sexual tension between Jeff and Britta, Troy still has some of those jockish qualities and he’s still being paired up as a comedic foil to Pierce, as the writers originally intended him to be. They provide a nice nostalgic glimpse of a simpler time within the show.