The other cause for concern is the lack of concrete details. Questions like “what’s in the script?” and “who’s going to be in it?” are still unanswered, even among the major cast members. “We are allegedly shooting it this summer, is the most that I know,” Brie explained. “I saw Joel [McHale] and Danny [Pudi] last week and I was like, ‘Joooooel, where’s the script? What’s the plan?’ And he was kind of just bouncing around.”

But just as “Community” did eventually get a nice, conclusive finale in season 6, it still looks like the “Community” movie will eventually start filming. Despite her reservations, Brie herself has confirmed there’s no big reason for alarm yet. “Most of us have all signed on to do it, everyone who’s in is in, and now everyone is kind of assessing their schedules and hoping that we can make it work to shoot it this summer.”

In the meantime, we’ll just content ourselves with what little we do know. We know it definitely won’t be a paintball-themed movie, nor will the plot center around any sort of homage to a specific movie. We also know that the script will be co-written by fellow “Community” screenwriter Andrew Guest, a man responsible for classic episodes like “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” and “Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples.” Although there are a million things up in the air right now, things still seem promising that we’ll get to see Alison Brie take up her Annie role sometime soon. We were promised “six seasons and a movie,” after all, and the cast and crew seem like they’re fully planning to deliver.