The horror sphere has been dominated by trauma vehicles as of late, but after the successes of films like “Malignant,” “M3GAN,” and now “Cocaine Bear,” there’s been a well-welcomed swing into “fun horror” films again. Roth’s slasher films, while certainly not for everyone, have always had plenty of goofy popcorn moments. Take “Cabin Fever” for example, a film that made shaving your legs a terrifying experience. Honestly, having a TikTok star like Addison Rae in a slasher film is pretty perfect.

There’s also then the thought that her participation might help birth a new legion of horror fans. Not to pass judgment on anyone, but I don’t perceive there to be a lot of overlap on the Venn diagram of “horror fans” and “Addison Rae’s followers.” Perhaps her casting will inspire folks who would otherwise never step foot in the theater for a slasher film to step a bit outside of their comfort zone.

“Thanksgiving” is expected to begin shooting in March 2023 in Toronto.