Perhaps the most shocking moment of Kendall’s character arc actually happened in the penultimate episode, where it appeared that he suddenly passed out while floating in a pool. As it turns out, he could have easily died that day, signaling the peak of his depression and self-loathing. While a variety of factors influenced his mental state, the root issue was undoubtedly Logan and his abusive, absent fathering.

That is why his breakdown in front of Shiv and Roman was so important to him and the show. After years of not being taken seriously and having his issues written off because of his addiction, he finally broke, but more importantly, he’s finally ready to actually do something about his father. Unfortunately, breaking apart from him isn’t going to solve any of Kendall’s problems, not by a long shot. He’ll likely be dealing with the fallout of the separation, as well as all the other problems that stemmed from the past three seasons of badly thought-out ideas. The fact that his ex-wife Rava (Natalie Gold) has officially lost all trust in him, as seen in season three, probably won’t help, either.