It would be more than perfectly understandable if Ben Affleck decided he would rather make a clean break with the world of DC superheroes at this stage. During an in-depth interview with The Hollywood Reporter about his professional ambitions and forthcoming projects, the multi-hyphenate and frequent Internet meme talked about his not-so-wonderful experience making “Justice League” and feeling like he finally “nailed” the role of Batman with his turn in “The Flash.” Affleck then went on to clarify he doesn’t expect to be directing anything for James Gunn and Peter Safran’s relaunch of the franchise:

“I would not direct something for the [James] Gunn DC. Absolutely not. I have nothing against James Gunn. Nice guy, sure he’s going to do a great job. I just wouldn’t want to go in and direct in the way they’re doing that. I’m not interested in that.”

So there you go. Perhaps playing the Caped Crusader post-“Justice League” afforded him an unforeseen sense of closure when it comes to his time hanging out in DC’s big screen sandbox. Or perhaps it was only after talking with Gunn and Safran that Affleck came to realize he finds superhero stories “somewhat repetitive” and “less interesting” at the moment, as he told THR. Or maybe this is a “once burned, twice shy” type of situation after Affleck’s original version of “The Batman” fell through. Whatever the case, Affleck has said his piece on the matter.

You can catch Affleck and his amazing ’80s shades in his upcoming directorial effort “Air,” which hits theaters on April 5, 2023.