During a TCA panel for “Shrinking” attended by /Film’s Vanessa Armstrong, Lawrence revealed what Harrison Ford said about Segel’s big scene in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” In a text that Segel now apparently has hanging on his wall, Ford said something along the lines of “nice nude body.” Of course, those weren’t his exact words, but it was specific as Lawrence and Segel were initially willing to get, beyond saying Ford had actually said something else. When questioned again about the specific nomenclature Ford used — inquiring minds want to know! — a few descriptors were thrown about, with Segel seeming to admit that the text said “nice penis.”

Since the text in question was sent from Harrison Ford to Jason Segel, we’ll probably never know what words were used. And because Ford was on a family vacation, he was not present at the panel to confirm. At least Segel will always have a reminder of the actor’s text hanging on his wall. Wouldn’t you frame that too?

Lawrence also talked about starting out with Michael J. Fox (in “Spin City”) when he was 25, saying the actor was “kind, lovely, and hyper-talented.” He discussed how amazing it is to “repeat that experience with an icon from all of my life,” calling it “an absolute treat,” and describing Ford as “equally generous” and “kind to everybody.” When doing reshoots in Lawrence’s backyard, he said that the actor was having such a great time that he jokingly asked if they could shoot all of his scenes there. Sounds like the set of “Shrinking” was a fun place to work!

“Shrinking” premieres on Apple TV+ on January 27.