New York offers a sense of unsettling movement and change, never letting the audiences get fully comfortable because there’s no serene backdrop to lose yourself in. We’ve seen the likes of “Rosemary’s Baby,” “American Psycho,” “1408,” “The Midnight Meat Train,” and “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” tear through the streets of New York, adding more chaos and intrigue than if the plot were unfolding elsewhere. However, none of these horror flicks were fully filmed on location, if at all. 

“Rosemary’s Baby” was partially filmed in New York, including the famous scene of her deliriously stumbling into oncoming traffic, but the remainder of the project came together in Los Angeles. “American Psycho” came together primarily in Toronto, Ontario.  Filming for “1408” was completed across New York, California, and London, England. “Midnight Meat Train,” a horror film dedicated to the dark unknowns of New York’s subway systems and where they lead, was filmed entirely in California to keep costs down. Then you have “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions,” the sequel to the 2019 picture, which is based in NYC but is shot exclusively in Cape Town and Budapest.

Whether it be budget, weather, spatial concerns, or just convenience, executing a horror movie entirely in New York City is clearly easier said than done. So, let’s tip our hats to the various location scouts responsible for creating the scrappy movie magic we’ve happily let deceive us over the years — you deserve our utmost respect.

“Scream VI” is currently in theaters, and will be available for streaming next month.