Finnick Odair deserved better — say it louder for the people in the back!

Here’s a quick recap to jog your memory: at the end of the film, when on the mission to President Snow’s mansion, Katniss, Finnick, and the rest of the group are attacked by lizard mutts. For a while, the group holds their own before they climb up the tunnel, but Finnick is pulled back down into the sewer by one of the monsters. Overwhelmed by several of them, Finnick gets devoured before Katniss can rescue him, and she watches as he screams in horror. Katniss then triggers an explosion in the scene’s final moments. The mutts are dead, as is Finnick Odair.

In an interview with Variety in February 2023, Sam Claflin reflected on his time as Finnick in “The Hunger Games” and expressed relief that he was only in a supporting role. “There wasn’t as much pressure on me at the time or eyes on me,” he shared.