The sketch is set in a Hollywood set that recreates the summer camp cabin the two twins end up sharing. Ortega is wearing the same white shirt and green shorts that Lohan wore in the 1998 version. The director of the movie (Bowen Yang) explains that they’ve updated “The Parent Trap” for the 2020s (note the wall decorations in the girls’ opposing bunks, which include Harry Styles and “Euphoria” posters). However, the scene of the twins realizing the truth is, “such a classic, we just wanted to leave it like it was.”

Yang explains the body double set-up to Ortega (and the audience). Since Ortega’s usual body double is out sick, however, Brooklyn-accented crew member Ray (Armisen) stands-in as Annie while the actress herself plays Hallie. If you’ve seen “The Parent Trap,” you know the beats of this scene. However, it goes off the rails when Ray tries to improvise. In the process, he winds up stealing the show.

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