You can’t really have an Avenger in a show and not have him meet other Avengers along the way. In “Rennervations,” Jeremy Renner teams up with several special guests, including his former “Hurt Locker” co-star and friend from work, Anthony Mackie (“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”). Other guest stars include actor Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor (who is a veteran actor-producer in the Indian film industry), and singer-songwriter Sebastián Yatra (“Encanto”). The team joining Renner and Millikin includes lead mechanic Corey Wardleigh; lead fabricator Rob “Bender” Park; and the building crew of Roxy Bonilla, Justin Self and Merri Oswald, Akamu “AK” Whatley, Skiland “Ski” Judd, Ryan Gunter and Nick Socha.

Behind the big screen, when Renner isn’t donning a suit to fire arrows and save the world, the actor is a proud construction veteran. He’s passionate about purchasing and re-imagining massive, unused vehicles and finding new uses for them. Renner’s show adopts the same philosophy and aims to truly change lives for the better.