There is only one caveat with that release date: as of now, Christmas Day 2024 is just one short week after the release of James Cameron’s “Avatar 3,” which will be coming off the enormous success of “The Way of Water” and the world’s introduction to the one and only Payakan the space whale. Not only that, but the rather successful “Sonic the Hedgehog” franchise is also releasing its third entry that week, and given how it introduced Shadow in the post-credits scene of the previous movie, anticipation is high for the next one.

Still, never underestimate Peele. Even if his last two movies haven’t seen the kind of unprecedented box office success of “Get Out,” he has already proven to be one of the most exciting filmmakers working today, one that delivers only the most unique, prescient, and entertaining of films.

We’ll see what Jordan Peele’s fourth movie will be about, how it will scare and entertain us, and most importantly, how it will fare against Cameron’s new blockbuster soon enough. In the meantime, keep picturing the magic of a Jordan Peele Christmas movie.