During a Showtime panel, Sophie Thatcher discussed the process of playing Nat alongside Juliette Lewis in “Yellowjackets.” She explained:

“I think the table reads really helped with seeing each other and just, like, staying on tact with that and studying each other’s mannerisms and just making sure that everything was in line. I think everyone had conversations from the get-go, and me and [Juliette Lewis] were very much on the same page which was really f***in’ nice.

Tawny Cypress, who plays adult Taissa Turner in the show, then interjected that Thatcher had done vocal work to match Lewis. Thatcher continued:

“Well, she has so many movies that I can watch. Like, there’s so much to study. So, that itself was a lot to take in. But, I mean, I think from the get-go we were very much on the same page. But you were always just really specific with just costumes and everything. I remember one of our first conversations you talked about what she would wear and how she would be, like, too hungover to wear or to choose certain outfits. Like, ‘That was too put together. That wouldn’t have worked.’ You were so specific, and I want to take that with me. I love that, I think that’s so f***in’ cool. No, just, your attention to detail is so cool.”