Coming on April 1, 2023 is Carl Fredricksen’s house from Pixar’s “Up,” complete with an assembly of balloons to set the residence off on an adventure. Though the house isn’t a complete modular building, it does contain interior details of four rooms inside the house, which include references to the movie. You’ll find a money jar for Carl and Ellie’s Paradise Falls trip sitting on the window sill, as well as a wedding photo from their younger years. 

As for the minifigures, of course Carl will be part of the set, and he has both a grumpy face and a smiling expression. But it wouldn’t be a proper “Up” LEGO set without the Wilderness Explorer scout Russell. But perhaps the best part is the inclusion of everyone’s favorite talking dog, Dug. 

To round out the set, there’s even a tank to fill up all the balloons that will lift up the house, and a cute little squirrel standing by. This is quite the charming LEGO set, and it should be a delight for Pixar fans to build. You can order it starting next month at the LEGO website for $59.99.