“My Ex-Friend’s Wedding” gives us all the clues in the title: the comedy features a group of friends reuniting for a wedding, years after falling out of touch. The reason behind their coming together is where things get complicated. Per Variety:

The film follows four childhood best friends who receive a drunken voicemail from a former BFF on the eve of her wedding day — confessing that she thinks she’s making a mistake. The group sets out to stop her wedding and rekindle the friendship they once shared.

I imagine it’s not a coincidence that the title so closely resembles “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” the Julia Roberts romcom about a very chaotic wedding weekend. Just as the Roberts character dedicates her time to sabotaging the future bride and groom, these childhood friends must do the same if they hope to rescue their former BFF from a lifelong mistake. It’s a story about the power of enduring female friendship, but it’s also undoubtedly a tale of a ruined wedding. So expect to cringe away from some second-hand embarrassment, while cheering on this foursome of longtime friends.