During a special Pokémon Presents livestream to celebrate “Pokémon Day,” Netflix and The Pokémon Company announced their first official collaboration — after it was reported in 2021 that the streamer was working on a live-action “Pokémon” series. Titled “Pokémon Concierge,” the show is a stop-motion project produced by the acclaimed dwarf studios, who previously made the gorgeous and unique award-winning opening sequence to “Beastars.”

While we don’t know a whole lot about “Pokémon Concierge” just yet, we know it will not follow Ash or the main characters of the main anime. Instead, we follow Haru, a concierge at the “Pokémon Resort,” as she interacts with both Pokémon and human guests. Better yet, it seems Haru is accompanied by an adorable Psyduck, who finally gets the time to shine, and a whole TV show to star in — after stealing the show in “Detective Pikachu.”

The streamer also posted a tiny little tease, more of a title reveal, really, which gives fans a first look at the stop-motion anime and how Psyduck will look. Honestly, it looks rather great, and the idea of a stop-motion animated “Pokémon” series is much more enticing than a live-action one.