Rick Riordan is on board the new series as an executive producer, and throughout the show’s casting process, he kept fans updated and sometimes was the first to break the news about stars and young actors joining the cast. In Lance Reddick’s case, the author wrote a blog post detailing how perfect he thinks the actor is for the part and praised Reddick for bringing to the role “so much gravitas he could pull the planets out of alignment.” It’s a sentiment Riordan says he shared with Reddick when he first met him. The author also cites his favorite works of the performer’s, including “The Wire,” “Law & Order,” “John Wick,” and the Prime Video series “Bosch,” where the actor played Chief Irving, Riordan’s favorite Reddick role.

Riordan calls Reddick’s “Bosch” character the “immovable object” that meets Titus Welliver’s “unstoppable force,” and his praise doesn’t stop there. He also writes that “Lance is the perfect actor to channel [Zeus’] personality,” pointing out that Reddick “projects an aura of authority and power that makes him perfect for the king of Olympus.” It’s true that, among his many strengths, Reddick was one of the great “I’m-not-mad-just-disappointed” actors, a man who could communicate a dozen shades of expecting better from his fictional colleagues when playing the superior officer to rogue cops or FBI agents. He turned procedural-like parts into an art form, layering in not just level-headed frustration, but also a sense of support — an unspoken but palpable knowledge that McNulty (Dominic West) or Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) could do better and will do better.