There isn’t a trailer for “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” yet — but Netflix has released a teaser that brings the future Queen and King together in an incredible meet-cute. King George discovers the feisty, rebellious young Lady Charlotte as she prepares to climb over a wall to escape marrying the King … who she describes as a possible “troll” since she knows nothing about him. She unknowingly tries to recruit her suitor — the King himself to help her escape her distressful circumstances when it is revealed that she was conversing with the King the whole time. And there’s nothing for her to worry about, because he is anything but a troll.

The chemistry between Amarteifio and Mylchreest is terrific — and although the clip is short, it sets up the series incredibly and makes it worth the wait. There can never be too many period romances, and this one is perfectly resonant with how “Bridgerton” flawlessly incorporates Austen-esque elements: awkward but endearing encounters, a sense of realism, characters who stand for what they believe in, and of course, romance. Then there’s the “Gossip Girl” aspect of it … which we can expect to see when the show … or let’s say, the trailer arrives. The clip is a wonderful example of the romance, the pining, the angst, and the tension that awaits when the show will arrive on Netflix on May 4.