During the AMA, u/dayofthedead204 asked if there was a chance for a sequel or “another story” related to the film. Rami responded:

“The team at Ghost House Pictures: Romel Adam and Jose Canas are trying to come up with a story that would work and I’m anxious to hear if they do!” 

While that’s not exactly a release date or anything, he didn’t say no. It at least leaves the door open. Plus, between “Army of Darkness” and “Spider-Man 2,” Raimi is known for some pretty great sequels. One of the charming things about “Drag Me to Hell” was the lower budget and the sort of smaller scale than Raimi was doing in films before “Spider-Man.” In a 2009 interview with Post Magazine, Raimi spoke about trying to remember how to do a smaller-budget film after three Spider-Man flicks. He said:

“[On doing ‘Drag Me to Hell’ with a smaller budget] … without all the tools I had the luxury of having on those films. I knew I’d have to make the adjustment, so it was no surprise, but when I finally got to the set and had to actually adjust, it was a bit hard [laughs]. I spent the last decade doing Spider-Man, and you come to rely on a lot of people doing things for you and a lot of help, but it’s refreshing and wonderful to be reminded that, as with most filmmakers, the best way to do it is yourself, with a tight team doing the main jobs.”

The last two films Raimi has directed have been larger budgeted ones as well; 2013’s “Oz the Great and Powerful” and 2022’s “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” It would be so much fun to return to something closer to his earlier work.