Sci-fi had a renaissance on primetime network TV following the monumental success of “Lost.” From “Heroes” to “FlashForward” to “Fringe,” most of these shows got canceled because of low ratings and high costs. However, it’s still a mystery why “Invasion” got canned. Similar to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” the series was about a small Florida town whose residents are replaced by mysterious creatures. Despite airing on ABC, the same network as “Lost,” “Invasion” only ran for one 22-episode season from 2005 to 2006 before the network canceled it. 

The reason? In a 2014 interview with AV Club, “Invasion” actor Tyler Labine laments, “I still to this day don’t know why that show got canceled. We had great numbers, we had a good show, good critical acclaim … I don’t know.” But in 2011, Labine told bullz-eye, “The funny thing is, ‘Invasion’ did get lots of love. Critics loved it. There was quite a huge following by the time we got canceled. It was just the network didn’t love it, that’s all.” And in 2019, Labine told StarryMag, “[‘Invasion’] was a big hit that got canceled for some reason that nobody understands. Purely politics. The ratings were through the roof.” Good ratings, strong reviews, and fan support — what happened? Going by what Labine says, it seems that “Invasion” got axed simply because it wasn’t “Lost.”