Unfortunately, two very bad things happened in “The Tragedy,” the episode in which Boba Fett returns. One, Mando’s beloved ship, the Razor Crest, is blown to bits by the Imperial troops attempting to capture Grogu. Two, yes, they are successful in capturing the Force-using alien, which paves the way for the season finale, titled “The Rescue.” Mando has to assemble a team to attempt a wild rescue mission to try and get Grogu back. Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, Bo-Katan, and Cara Dune make their way toward the dastardly Moff Gideon, but a squad of Dark Troopers truly complicates matters.

Mando ends up duking it out with Moff Gideon for Grogu. After a hard-fought battle, Mando emerges victorious, but that puts the Darksaber in his possession, as the weapon must be won in combat. This pisses off Bo-Katan, as she desires the weapon to help her reclaim Mandalore. Those issues must be set aside, though, as the Dark Troopers present a threat the team cannot handle. When all seems lost, an X-Wing approaches — Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing, to be specific. Yes, Luke shows up to make mincemeat of the Dark Troopers, becoming the kickass Jedi many fans always wanted to see.

But Luke is there for a reason. Grogu made contact with him in “The Tragedy” and Luke is trying to put together a new Jedi Order. As a result, Mando makes a heartbreaking choice to let Grogu go with Luke to be trained in the ways of the Jedi. Thus, it seems the dynamic of the show was to be altered greatly. Or was it?