The B-plot of this season of “Star Trek: Picard” sees Raffi (Michelle Hurd) and Worf (Michael Dorn) investigating the theft of a dangerous portal-based weapon used by the wicked criminal Vadic (Amanda Plummer). Their investigation leads to a web of crime located in a dangerous, undefined city called merely District 6. It is here that one can still find money, drugs, and other things usually unheard of on a starship. Raffi and Worf have already dispatched with the dangerous Ferengi Sneed (Aaron Stanford), but haven’t found the information they need. Indeed, the portal weapon they were investigating might very well have been subterfuge, a distraction from the theft of a greater, even more deadly weapon. The two investigators eventually have to look into the dealings of one Krinn, kingpin of the Vlashi crime syndicate, played by actor Kirk Acevedo.

Krinn is a Vulcan, a species that — most Trekkies will be able to tell you — is generally devoted to purging all display of emotions and adhering to the very strict tenets of scientific logic. What, you might ask, is logical about committing crimes? Krinn doesn’t get into the details of it, but does mention that an active crime syndicate is a logical endeavor. The notion is interesting enough that “Picard” fans might immediately find themselves longing for a conversation with Krinn about his reasoning. Is a life of crime considered a proper outlet for society’s malcontents? Is it the logical outcropping of a capitalist society? Conceptually, it’s all very tantalizing.