Here, George Wendt, Mike Myers, Robert Smigel, and Farley ham it up as just your regular blue-collar Chicago Bears fans, spending time away from their families on Thanksgiving to suck down some brews and jack up their cholesterol levels. Wendt opens up by asking his buddies how their week was and if any of them had a heart attack, to which Farley casually replies, “Had a couple.” After some more talk about “Da Bears,” Farley begins to heave, prompting his fellow Super Fans to nonchalantly wonder if he’s having another heart attack. Farley states that he’s choking, and when one of the others performs the Heimlich maneuver on him, the source of his choking is revealed to be an entire pork chop.

“Da Bears” remains among the most popular expressions to come out of “SNL,” coming up in almost every single conversation about Chicago’s beloved football team. Farley was a regular in this sketch, and he gives us a healthy dose of his signature physical antics every time. A highlight of this installment is when he flirts with Wendt’s daughter, only to be reminded that he’s married. Farley then experiences a vision of his wife -– hilariously played by Farley, as well, over-the-top Chicago accent and all -– cooking a big pot of knockwurst. This, apparently, is more than enough to make him realize that he’s a lucky man already. And we were lucky to have you, Chris.