Amazingly, this experience is going to cost just £11 in a nod to the number of plays in a pitch. So, what can these lucky few expect? Guests will have total access to the first floor of the pub, which consists of two bedrooms. There’s also ample seating space to relax and play a game of chess or what have you. There will also be nods to the show with signs reading “FUTBOL IS LIFE,” for example. Meanwhile, Badland feels complimented by the popularity that the show has brought to the establishment.

“It’s such a compliment, and it grew outside when we were doing outdoor scenes — the amount of people who were milling around and watching us and saying hi and asking for a selfie. It just grew and grew exponentially. It’s terrific, just a wonderful camaraderie.”

Meanwhile, “Ted Lasso” season 3 is getting underway on Apple TV+ right now, and it looks like that will be the end of it for the main series. Though Jason Sudeikis did recently suggest that the “Lasso-verse” could expand in the future.

Those interested in trying to get in on the action can request a booking beginning March 21 at 1 p.m. ET via Airbnb. Believe!