It’s rare for an idea to feel so fully realized, and a concept to be so vulnerably explored, in such a short amount of time. The “Starf***ers” concept asks one major question: What do people who aren’t murderers do for revenge? What does one do when the urge is too great to teach someone a lesson, but the victim refuses to fight violence with violence?

Most of the time, we see sexual abuse stories where the victim is consumed by what was done to them, and in turn, it empties them out into a husk of a person. It’s very true to life to see them portrayed this way — but it’s also just as true to life to assume that some of these people dream of their terrorizer getting their comeuppance. It’s an age-old story, unfortunately, the one Dolan and Marziale craft in this short, but it has never been told this way, nor have these terrible atrocities they cite ever been confronted like this.