From her intro in season 4, episode 14 of “The Clone Wars” animated series, Bo-Katan began her existence as the lieutenant to the sinister Pre Vizsla (voiced by “The Mandalorian” showrunner Jon Favreau) of Death Watch, an extremist terrorist group hellbent on restoring the Mandalorian warrior ways that were wiped out by the pacifist New Mandalorian movement led by Duchess Satine Kryze (Bo-Katan’s sister). We know at some point in her youth, Bo-Katan splintered from Satine’s New Mandalorian pacifism to join Death Watch.

Bo-Katan was firmly on the villainous side. She carried out Pre Vizsla’s order to enslave and slaughter a village of Carlac’s Ming Po civilians. Later, when Death Watch teamed up with the fallen Sith Maul and his crime syndicates, Bo-Katan participated in Death Watch’s staged attacks against Mandalore, all so Death Watch can play the “saviors” of Mandalore against the outsiders. These campaigns turned Mandalorian civilians against Satine’s pacifism. (Bo-Katan also slapped Ahsoka Tano on the butt, and Ahsoka weirdly seemed to have forgotten that.)

Kryze’s shaky path to atonement was (arguably) spurred by the political chaos that followed. When Maul successfully dueled Pre Vizsla for the rulership and Darksaber, Bo-Katan took her dissenting Nite Owls and vowed to overthrow Maul (a non-Mandalorian outsider she despised) in the name of Mandalore. After a failed attempt to liberate the very sister she imprisoned, Bo-Katan mourned for the unity that could have been, suggesting that she was willing to compromise with New Mandalorian ideals for a better Mandalore.