We hear Keaton right from the beginning, but before we see him, Ben Affleck’s Batman (technically, his Bruce Wayne) warns Barry Allen about the dangers of mucking around with timelines. There’s a shot of Barry and his alternate self walking up on Wayne Manor, which looks a little different from the dilapidated one we saw in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” It’s also not the same Wayne Manor we saw in Tim Burton’s Batman movies.

“If you were to go into the past,” Bruce tells Barry, “you have no idea what the consequences could be.” Barry insists that he could fix things, and Bruce says that he could also destroy everything.

That’s the last we see of Ben/Bruce, but it’s not the last we see of Batfleck in this trailer. Upon closer inspection, that’s not the Batpod we saw at the beginning, but rather a slightly different Batcycle with two smaller tires, which Batfleck appears to be riding as it zooms under a police car that’s tumbling across the street.

Since Batfleck never got his own solo movie and Keaton’s appearance in the shelved “Batgirl” film won’t be seeing the light of day, it’s nice to see both of them make a return in this trailer as it goes full circle back to Zod’s invasion in “Man of Steel” and the beginning of the DC Extended Universe.