“The Forest Hills” was brought to life through an IndieGoGo campaign, inviting donors to be listed as co-producers, assistant producers, donators, howlers, and other various titles in the credits. Per their campaign, “This film was made for horror fans, by horror fans, without the same old generic storyline that plagues horror movies.” They were able to bring in about 25% of their goal, and have scheduled the premiere for March 11th in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, presented by star Edward Furlong and Jersey-native Kevin Smith.

For duvall to return 20 years later on her own terms, for a crowdfunded New York/New Jersey horror flick makes this Jersey-born writer’s heart sing. After all, there is something inherently gritty and charming about a horror movie being a collaborative, grassroots effort, as opposed to being the product of a deeply creative yet emotionally inconsiderate director like Kubrick.