As you’ll recall from the season 2 finale, Mando must say goodbye to Grogu and hand him over to Luke Skywalker, who will continue training him in the ways of the Jedi. It’s so rare for Pedro Pascal to remove his beskar helmet in “The Mandalorian” that it becomes a powerful moment every time he does show his face. Pascal is great in the scene, and the in-demand actor was happy to share the spotlight, telling Hot Ones:

“He’s a very cooperative and fulfilling scene partner, acting partner, you know? It’s pretty crazy. Like having to say goodbye to him in season 2 and getting praise for, ‘Oh my gosh, like, you know, you have so much subtle emotion and you’re dealing with a puppet!’ And I’m like, ‘This puppet is making me cry.'”

Those Disney eyes on the Grogu puppet would probably make us all tear up. Hilariously, Pascal found himself getting a little competitive with his animatronic acting partner. “You know, I fully, I’m like, ‘Damn! Chill! You’re stealing it! It’s like the one time I have my helmet off, like, let me have the scene bro!'”

If Pascal wasn’t already one of your favorite actors working today, watching him gush over Grogu should make you warm up to him even more. Pascal was surely one of the most requested guests to appear on Hot Ones, and finally one of the best talk show guests today gets to undergo the ultimate eating contest.

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