According to Nerdist, the behind-the-scenes bonus features that are exclusive to physical media include two that focus on the story’s transition from beloved video game to prestige TV. The first, “Controllers Down,” will feature insights from the cast and crew related to the ways in which the show expanded and re-imagined pre-existing source material. Another, “From Levels To Live Action,” spotlights key moments from the video game that were translated to the new series. Finally, “The Last Of Us: Stranger Than Fiction” gets real about the chances of fungal world domination, a collective fear the show has pretty much single-handedly inspired with its Cordyceps outbreak.

The outlet also reports that “The Last Of Us” home release will feature a few extras that will also be available with digital copies, including “The Last Debrief With Troy Baker,” “Inside The Episode,” “Getting To Know Me,” and “Is This A The Last Of Us Line?” While details on these featurettes aren’t immediately available, “Inside The Episode” is likely the same bonus feature that airs after each HBO episode, while “Is This A The Last Of Us Line?” sounds like a quiz show. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Pascal and Ramsey, both of whom didn’t play much of the game during production, charmingly forget some of their characters’ own lines.

“The Last Of Us” season 1 is set for a digital release on April 11, 2023, with a DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4K HD release set for July 18, 2023.