Episode 2 opens with a string of outdoor sequences that play out in ways that are a staple for the show, with scenes set in Peli Motto’s (Amy Sedaris) shop on Tatooine during Boonta Eve and the duo (along with R5-D4) traveling to Mandalore in the Razor Crest. The transition from these brightly-lit scenes to the dark dimness of the mines is accomplished in a way that feels natural and easy on the eyes — you do not need to squint to see who attacks whom after Mando and Grogu venture into the ruined city.

The moment Mando enters the entrance of Sundari, he is ambushed by a group of Alamites, who take him by surprise and proceed to attack him aggressively. The visual language of this scene is expertly crafted to convey the clumsiness with which Mando wields the Darksaber and barely manages to defeat the creatures, in stark contrast to Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) expertly finishing off members of the same species moments later.

One of the episode’s many highlights is when Mando is captured by the cyborg creature, and the camera gradually pans to the surroundings, detailing tell-tale signs that indicate that the duo walked straight into its lair. Every grim corner of the ruined city sports some sort of danger, which makes Grogu’s impressive escape maneuvers doubly thrilling, given that the baby must now save his dad on his own.

Rachel Morrison deploys a deft interplay of light, shadow, and texture to make the treacherous nature of the mines more tangible, which intensifies the tragedy of Mandalore as a planet, which was once the center of culture and commerce. Bo-Katan’s presence also lends more weight to the city’s history, which naturally spills out in scenes detailing the ease with which she fights every adversary.