When Grogu lands the N-1 Starfighter back down on the landing dock on Kalevala, Bo-Katan is expecting to see Din Djarin clunking his way back down the runway after purging himself in the Living Waters, thus redeeming himself in the eyes of the Children of the Watch. When only Grogu appears, she knows immediately that something is wrong and doesn’t hesitate to set the coordinates back to Mandalore. Her resolve comes back in that instant, giving Bo-Katan a sense of purpose again after she summarily lost the Darksaber in “The Mandalorian” season 2 finale. 

Once they land on Mandalore, Grogu bears witness to the greatness of Bo-Katan in battle and her unflinching fortitude. The same humanoid creatures introduced earlier in the episode attack Bo-Katan, but she quickly dispatches of them as Grogu looks on in amazement. Grogu just Force-pushed aside these ancient aliens earlier in the episode, but his method is born more from pure instinct. In contrast, Bo-Katan showcases her impressive fighting ability, serving as a reminder of why she was once considered such a formidable leader. 

This is the most time Grogu has ever spent with Bo-Katan up to this point, and we see her in action through his wide-eyed perspective. After choosing Din over Luke Skywalker and the Jedi way, Grogu would never stray too far from his true protector. Although it does seem like Grogu is imprinting on Bo-Katan, and he sees how special and important she is as a guardian and as an ally. The two are definitely bonding as they search for Mando, which could prove to be a more important relationship than Bo-Katan realizes if she wants to regain the Darksaber and lead Mandalore out of ruin.