Mills and Koa make it to the escape pod and attempt to take off as meteors rain down. However, a giant rock hits the ship and sends the pod careening down a cliff. In addition, two tyrannosauruses decide to try to open up the ship like a Kinder Joy. Mills exits and manages to get off a shot that momentarily takes one down. When all hope seems lost, Koa turns on a hologram of Mills’ daughter, distracting the T-rex and inspiring Mills to get back into the fight. He unloads his clip into the tyrant until it flops over, dead, only for the first one to reappear.

Luckily, Koa rushes in and saves the day with a bone shard to the T-rex’s eyeball. The beast stumbles back, only to be blasted by an eruption of lava-hot water. Once the steam clears, what’s left of the dinosaur’s melted face would make Freddy Krueger blush.

The final showdown includes Adam Driver versus two Tyrannosaurus rexes, a meteor shower, and a Hail Mary save from Koa. All of this happens while the Earth is minutes away from being obliterated, which just adds to the tension. It’s epic, and easily the most thrilling sequence of “65.”