“Paramount Pictures doesn’t want to pay the girls what they are worth,” said Page Six’s source. “All four girls were willing to come back, but Paramount has not been respectful of what they are worth. As of now, the negotiations are stalled.” Hmm, the women whose impeccable performances launched an enormously successful film not being given their due? Where have I heard that one before?

Tina Fey, who wrote the original movie and musical, will pen the “Mean Girls” screenplay and reprise her role as math teacher Ms. Norbury. She reportedly has a seven-figure deal for the film. The Page Six source claimed that Lohan, Chabert, Seyfried, and McAdams were offered a “fraction” of that. 

Were they to return, the foursome won’t be playing the titular mean girls this time around; the film isn’t a sequel, after all, so a new set of young actresses will be taking over as the familiar clique. As of now, it’s unclear what roles the four returning stars would play, but McAdams was allegedly offered a larger part in the film than the others, which may indicate a higher offer. Still, the deal has not been signed. A separate source, described as a “Hollywood insider,” told Page Six, “Whether they appear in a cameo appearance or they have six pages of script, it doesn’t matter — [the money offered] is disrespectful.”