If you’ve played Super Mario Odyssey, you know about Cappy, a sentient cap with eyes that can be used to help Mario capture and shapeshift into other creatures in the worlds he visits. There is also a shop — a distinctly yellow and purple one — at which you can purchase outfits, Power Moons for the Odyssey, and other things. It’s called Crazy Cap, and in the film, it shows up right in the middle of the Mushroom Kingdom, past the block ATMs, and just down the way from the antique dealer. 

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” doesn’t let us venture into this shop, but it could in future films. It’s very likely that we’ll have sequels (and I’m all in for that), and it would be a surprise if they don’t feature a bit of outfit-changing. The facade of the Mushroom Kingdom franchise location has the store’s distinctive yellow and purple, of course, with the picture of Cappy on the top. I practically jumped out of my seat in the theater when I saw it. Now, look, Universal, Illumination, and Nintendo … I’m not saying you have to make me an interactive walkthrough of the Mushroom Kingdom, but I’m not not saying that.