The inaugural season of “Reacher” was based on the first Jack Reacher novel, “Killing Floor,” with showrunner Nick Santora staying faithful to Lee Child’s vision throughout his live-action adaptation. That meant the show was very familiar to fans of the book series, who will have an adaptation of the 11th novel, “Bad Luck And Trouble,” to look forward to with season 2. But Ritchson has some ideas for future seasons. In his /Film interview, he said:

“Not every ‘Reacher’ book would translate well to screen, I think, but there’s only a few. The rest of them, I desperately want to make. ‘Killing Floor’ I loved, and I understood right away why this is done so well. ‘Die Trying,’ the second book I picked up, was full of so many of the attributes that I think both translate well to film and that I would just have a lot of fun bringing to life. I hope at some point we get to do ‘Die Trying.'”

After the events of “Killing Floor,” 1998’s “Die Trying” finds Reacher, alone as usual, wandering Chicago where he stops to help a young woman with her laundry bags. Naturally, things go south from there as he and the girl are kidnapped and bundled into a van that’s “racing across America,” according to the official synopsis, which continues: 

Reacher doesn’t know why they’ve been kidnapped. The woman claims to be FBI. She’s certainly tough enough. Will raw courage be enough to overcome the hopeless odds?

Of course it will — it’s Jack Reacher! As things progress, Reacher finds himself facing off against a radical militia who want to secede from the US, before foiling a plot to detonate a van full of dynamite in San Francisco. Classic Jack Reacher stuff.