As if on cue, the moment Liz finally manages to say the word “bear,” the bear knocks the door to the other room off its hinges, trapping Tom underneath it. Luckily for Tom, the bear is distracted from biting his head off by the sight of his medical bag nearby, which she suspects might have more cocaine in it. As the bear tries to open it with her paws, Beth straps Ranger Liz in a stretcher and quickly rolls her back to the ambulance. She drives away with the back door open as Tom jumps into it from behind, and for a moment it seems like all three of them will get to live another day. But Cocaine Bear has other plans.

Angrier than ever now that she’s discovered the medical bag has no cocaine in it, the bear chases after the ambulance. Tom attempts to close the doors, but with the vehicle moving so fast and with Liz trying to shoot the bear from her stretcher, he’s not able to in time. And so comes the already-famous shot of the bear jumping into the speeding ambulance.

The following sequence is absolutely gruesome, as the bear claws and bites its way through Tom’s body, culminating in a truly gross shot of his almost-severed hand. Liz, trapped in the stretcher, gets thrown onto the road face-first, her skin getting scraped off by the asphalt. The final victim is Beth, who loses control of the car in the chaos and crashes into a tree. She goes flying out of the windshield and bounces off the tree at full speed, landing inches away from the camera with wide open, lifeless eyes. Rest in peace, Beth, Tom and Liz: none of you were very good at your jobs, but it’s still sad to see you go.