In the later part of his career, Sizemore made several appearances on the small screen, in shows as varied as “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” “Shooter,” and “Lucifer.” However, it was his turn in David Lynch’s incredible revisit to the world of “Twin Peaks” that reminded everyone what a gifted actor he was. After such a long absence from the limelight, it was really heartening to see him giving such a great performance, especially one so different from his typical roles.

In “Twin Peaks: The Return” he tackles a relatively minor role, but he judges it perfectly, initially playing the bemused straight man to Kyle MacLachlan’s man-child Dougie. As with the mob characters played by Jim Belushi and Robert Knepper, Lynch uses the casting of an archetypal tough guy like Sizemore to mess with audience preconceptions. Rather than cutting an imposing figure, his Anthony Sinclair quickly becomes a pitiful nervous wreck, as he is tasked by his criminal boss (Patrick Fischler) with increasingly abhorrent jobs to carry out, culminating in him being coerced into poisoning Dougie, something he is unwilling, or unable to do.

Sizemore’s twitchy, anxious performance is miles away from his usual macho roles, and he plays up just how pathetic his character is in his final episode, where he tearfully confesses all his wrongdoing to Dougie and his boss. His emotional outburst is so authentic, so earnest, and yet so over the top. Typically for David Lynch, you genuinely don’t know whether to cry or laugh.