We saw Nathan struggle quite a bit during season 2 of “Upload” as he navigated Nora’s disappearance while trying not to get distracted by his pre-death girlfriend Ingrid and her influence after she managed to get access to Lakeview. Then there’s the season 2 cliffhanger which leaves the story more complicated than it already is: Nathan sends his consciousness into a physical body grown for him by Ingrid … who also doesn’t happen to be dead: she’s just using a hug suit, a virtual reality suit she used to hang out at Lakeview and communicate with Nathan from beyond the grave. 

Season 3 should explore these developments and give us more clarity about what’s going on, and we’ll hopefully soon have a trailer to attest to it. If there’s anything we can hope for, though, it is that “Upload” season 3 will continue to be a murder mystery and a love story rolled into one.