The tone reel Jason Eisener developed for this “Casey Jones” film is like a giant Easter egg hunt of all of the coolest movies ever made. Set to the song “I” by Black Sabbath (with Ronnie James Dio, of course), the tone reel boasts footage from films like “Lethal Weapon,” “The Raid 2,” “The Warriors,” “Maniac Cop,” past “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” films, a cornucopia of martial arts films, and even some shots from “Stranger Things” for good measure. The end result is a tone reel that elicits the fist-pumping “HELL YEAH” feeling any action movie worth its salt can inspire, and the burning question of, “Paramount … why aren’t you making this?!” To add insult to injury, Joe Manganiello (“True Blood,” “Justice League”) replied to Eisener by saying he told Paramount over a decade ago that he wanted to star in a “Casey Jones” film and that he would have done a project like his “in a heartbeat.”

Casey Jones has been a fan-favorite character for decades, as the vigilante enacts his justice with more in-your-face violence than what our Turtle buds typically showcase. Not to mention, he’s also got the coolest character design. Suddenly having an excuse to mass-produce Casey Jones masks feels like such a wasted opportunity from a business standpoint, especially considering Eisener would have absolutely made something that would have had every kid in the world wanting to be Casey Jones for Halloween.

But I guess we aren’t allowed to have good things.