As the head of the new galactic government, Mon Mothma sought to find ways to prevent the sort of issues that led to the rise of Palpatine in the first place, while also putting the galaxy at ease, to let them know that the New Republic was not the Empire.

One of those measures — as featured in Chuck Wendig’s book “Aftermath” — was her proposal to slash the Alliance fleet to only ten percent of its size. This way, they would have enough of a fleet to train local militias to handle problems in their sectors. For too many years, the Empire had ruled at the gun barrel of its navy, and the New Republic would not make the same mistake. They really would only keep enough of their fleet to keep the peace. This only passed after enough of the Imperial remnant disappeared into the outer rim or the unknown regions and were no longer viewed as a threat to the New Republic. The senate, under Mon Mothma’s leadership, was able to pass the Military Disarmament Act shortly after the Galactic Concordance and formal Imperial Instrument of Surrender in the days and months after the battle of Jakku.