The group all takes turns shuffling the cards, and the intensity of this drawing scene is similar to the first time they picked, with the tension through the damn roof. I swear I can hear my heartbeat. Lottie is very committed to the ritual, warning Taissa she “knows what happens” when people refuse to draw a card. I smell foreshadowing for season 3! They each throw their cards into the fire after they’ve picked, and the deck continues around and around the group until … Shauna draws the queen.

They all back away to put on their masks and grab their weapons. Lottie reminds Shauna that she can submit or she can run. Shauna calls a time-out and asks, “We’re not really doing this, are we?” and accuses all of them of losing their minds. “There’s no ‘it’ she says, it was only us.” Lottie replies, “Is there a difference?” Woof. Shauna turns away, indicating to Lottie that she’s chosen “run,” and the girls chase her down.

The hunt is short-lived as Callie fires a shot from the gun and nails Lottie in the arm. Lottie is convinced this is a sign that “it” is here and is impressed by how strong and powerful Callie is. The girls stop feeding into the act and break character, but Lottie is still fully on-board. “She’s like this because of us,” Van says. Lottie is repeating her “What do we hear?” wilderness chants. Oh god, this is BLEAK.

They all tie her up for her own safety, but she is convinced the darkness is present in all of them. She tells Natalie that “she was always its favorite,” which sets her off. Suddenly, Lisa appears with a shotgun, seeing what looks like Natalie threatening her precious leader. Misty takes a running start to stab Lisa, fearful that she’s going to kill Natalie, but Nat pushes her out of the way. No one else is going to die in her place.